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#1 13 years ago

hi everybody, i need help i want download the BCMI final from http://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/BCMI_final;10490 [quote: Before you download, you either need to do a windows update, or download this file (also obtainable from windows update) Otherwise you will not be able to use the program ] and what happenĀ“s when i klick on the link to load the windows update? hmm...surprise the site is temporarily unavailable :bawl: pls can anyone help me? i need a new link to these windows update... edit: sry i know my english is terrible^^


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#2 13 years ago

Just do a standard windows update from your own computer's programs file. So long as you have an up to date .net framework, it should be fine.


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#3 13 years ago

first of all what version version of windows are u running what site are u using to get windows updates if the windows version is anything below 2000 you may have trouble optaining windows updates from microsoft