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#1 11 years ago

Hey, I have a problem with bridge textures not functioning properly, everything else is in proper order. Every bridge has its own type of texturing abnormality. i.e. the galaxy bridge floor is totally black, and the sov ceiling looks like a nest of bees, and the floor looks just odd. I tried reinstalling, updating graphics drivers, changing graphics options, virtually everything i could think of. recently, i installed a friends copy of BC, and it has the same error, so it has bo be something with my comp. it s not only with the standard bridges but also with every1 i install. I have reached a limit where i have no idea what 2 do, so i post here... i hope u guys can help..

i also added a few screenshots of what it looks like.

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#2 11 years ago

i'd recommend posting this at BCC - the home of 3rd era, who makes bridges, and might be able to help you out...