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#1 11 years ago

Hi I'm kind a new in ST: BC still I've spent a few hours searching before I've post this thread. I've install a fresh BC copy, installed 1.1 patch, install both BCMP and BCMI, install Foundation that comes in BCMP, install UMM. When enter in QuickBattle my bridge textures are wierd (I see squared lines, and the floor its not textured). Then I''ve installed Bridge Core Gold, enter ingame, exit the game, enter again activate plugin and bridge per loading, exit. Install Generation Set, enter ingame, exit game, enter again , quick battle , textures are the same and bridge model is the stock one...don't know what else to do...


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#2 11 years ago

It looks like you using old Bridge scripts that has overwritten the current BP Core Gold. Have you installed any old version of any Bridge sets that were released. That may be the cause. Also you might want to consider installing "Console Tracker" found on BCFiles. It will give you a read out of any problems you may encounter in .txt format. It's hard to give you a precise cause of your problems without seeing a console report.

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#3 11 years ago

Well, I've just gotten a fresh install of BC and it looks like the floor textures you have are stock. The stock textures for the floor of the Galaxy bridge has a dark cross on it. This may explain why your floor looks like a grid. What I would suggest is to go into your data\models\sets\DBridge\High folder and look for the files Map23 and Map25.tga. Replace these textures with better ones and see if that changes anything.