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#1 13 years ago

Hi there! First of all, I have to say sorry for my bad english, but i'm from germany and out of school for about 3 years roll%20eyes%20(sarcastic).gif So, my problem is: I was just flying arround with the Scotchy Galaxy, as suddenly my Bridge Commander crashed and I was back on the Desktop. This happens (mostly) once a day and so I did a normal windows restart and tried to start the BC. But I got this error message with the D3D- Renderer. I have to say that I didn't look at this forum to get help with this problem. So I decided to re-install the game. First I've uninstalled all the Mods (including BCMB) and then the game. Then I put the CD in and wanted to re-install the game, but when the Splash-Screen appears, in the right corner of my Screen the little Install Shield Status Indicator appears, runs to 100%, and about 2 minutes nothing happens and the installer closes by hiself. I don't want to reinstall windows beacause I have so many programs so it would take about a hole week to re-install everything. I hope you guys can help me...PLEASE :bows: With Greetings from Germany... Isy smilie.gif


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#2 13 years ago

Scotchy made a mistake with the HP, and released a patch for it here: Note: you have to be logged in and registered to BCU to be able to download it