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#1 13 years ago

I need someone to explain everything i need to do to get the moding tool programs to install the ships i download. I've downloaded STIM and STPM. Then downloaded the ships. Now what, i can't figure out how to work the programs.


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#2 13 years ago

on BCfiles get BCMI(Bridge Commander Mod Installer) and BCMP(Bridge Commander Mod Packager) install them onto your computer. open the ships that you have downloaded. if they have data, scripts, and sfx in the folder then you will have to copy and paste into Bridge Commander. If they have a BCMI file in them then double-click on it and it will open up BCMI and install it for you. when you start Bridge Commander go into settings, click on mutators and make sure stock ships and extra ships and maps are clicked on. go into quickbattle and create a quickbattle in quickbattle setup. if the ships you installed are not there then exit out of Bridge Commander and open BCMP click on game tools. select the ship you installed and in the species selection select the species the ship is from. then when you go back into bridge commander your ship should be there. any problems post them here