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#1 9 years ago

yes can any one tell me how to save the starbase12 frum being distroed


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#2 9 years ago

disable the cargo ships engines then take them out later.


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#3 9 years ago

ok tanks

[Edit]ya i am trying to save the starbaes12 and cant do it i cant get the ship there fast enuf to do it any help on how to do it the help i got did not work.[/Edit]


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#4 9 years ago

I've merged your threads together since they were both on the same topic. Please don't create more threads on this topic. Be patient, give people time to reply and use this thread only for this particullar topic. Thank you. :don:

Saving the Starbase 12 is easy. Make sure to dock with Starbase to get a full complement of Quantum Torpedos before engaing in battle. When you destroy the Cardassian ships, Kessok ships will Warp away. Personally, I've managed to destroy one Kessok ship before the rest of them Warped away. Enterprise and Geronimo will Warp after them, leaving you to defend the Starbase against the Cardassian Freighters alone.

Destroying them has never been a problem to me. If I remember correctly, I didn't target any specific sistem; just the hull. As a resoult, each Freighter took damage to it's Shield Generator and Warp Core at the same time. The trick was not to fire all 4 torpedos from the forward tubes at one Freighter. Instead, I would fire only 2 torpedos at each Freighter which was enough to disable it's Shield Generator and finish it off with Phasers.

I've used that tactic every time I played and it worked each time.