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#1 16 years ago

Wsup folks,

I am having a big problem, I have added the intrepid mod on my game thru mod packager. I have also added the stargazer mod. the stargazer mod works just fine. But the intrepid mod is not. when I go to quick battle i find the intrepid model in the menu. I click on it. then when i start it seems to load but it doesn't I am still on the bridge and when i select people they don't say anything. it is like the whole thing is in some kind of limbo. And if I pick the intrepid model as a friendly ship it doesn't show up. I have checked the files and everything is fine. Somebody please help...I really want to see it!!!!!


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#2 16 years ago

I have sometimes the same prob. Check the script files again. You should have and intrepid.pyc in the folder "Bridge Commander\scripts\ships\". If you only have the .py file then the problem is the .py file. The folder "Bridge Commander\scripts\ships\hardpoints\" is the same. The hardpoint files are the files which are mostly the prob. If you have the Mod Packager you check the mod with the Packager. If the Packager says ok check the hardpoint file. I had often the problem that the ship property wasn't ok or missing. Open the hardpoint file with the editor. Search for "setmodelfilename". If missing you have to add a new ship property with the Model Property Editor.

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