KM 0.9.1 / Fleet Orders Glitch -1 reply

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11th January 2005

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#1 15 years ago

Hi I dont know if this is a common problem or if anyone else is getting it. While I am trying to set up a screenshot, Ill move the ships which i am using one by one via transport and thrusters and also using "Fleet Orders/Stop" now when I have moved my 1st ship then set up the second when i transport over to the 3rd one of the 1st 2 ships will move not by much but it will move randomly. However, it has never crashed into any of the other ships even if they are really close so im guessing somehow the AI is becomming active during transport then stopping once again when the transport is compleate.

I have also tested my firends BC install for the same problem, and yup, his does it too. his BC install is also the updated km v0.9.1

any help on this subject would be great! also I would like to see if anyone else has this problem.


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25th August 2005

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#2 15 years ago

That happened to me when i was trying to set up for a screen shot, what i did is you put all the power to 0% (or just the eng.) This will prevent the ship from moving. Hope this helps. Picard Out