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Tuvok Off

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22nd August 2008

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#41 12 years ago

That doesn't tell me how to write the py files so I can push Bridge Commander in test mode. None of what you guys told me can help me.



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22nd May 2007

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#42 12 years ago

You don't need to edit any .py files to get BC into Test Mode. The fact that its an illegally downloaded version may contribute to it.


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10th October 2007

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#43 12 years ago

Indeed, just go buy a real copy.


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20th February 2007

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#44 12 years ago

Agreed. If your copy of BC is authentic then the guys over at BCC are the ones to talk to about scripting problems. If not, I'm afraid no one here can help you. Bridge Commander Central - Index&

JimmyB76 Files Moderator

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19th March 2003

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#45 12 years ago
TuvokLogic;4590729Negative I downloaded the game because I lost mine. I didn't think that mattered.

well that may be why youre having many issues... downloaded copies, which are illegal btw, always tend to have many many problems and hardly ever work properly... sorry dude, nothing can be done for you...

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9th December 2003

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#46 12 years ago

It sounds like this problem has everything to do with an illegal version of the game... we can't really help you with that I'm afraid and so there is not much of a point to keep this thread open...


PS: And as a little reminder of the obvious: Talking about pirated games is forbidden (as per the forum rules which everone has to agree to upon registrating here).