need some help with Power_Current (0.4.1) and importing ships -1 reply

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#1 8 years ago

Hey all, I was given a copy of bridge commander a wile back and just starting getting in to the mods/scripting.

I tried to install a Power_Current (0.4.1) but is sad that I need QBautostart so I downloaded QBautostart Extension 0.9.1 I'm not sure where to put the files I tried the custom folder I mad a folder call Qbautostart then a saves folder then a power folder, for the power current. ie /Custom/QBautostart/saves/Power/

I have BCMI and BC-Mod installed and working. The mutator is on. What am I doing wrong.

Also I imported a few ships with BCMI. But they wont show up in multi player. Is there a program I need or what do I do

any help would be grateful thanks

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#2 8 years ago

for one thing, get rid of BCMP and BCMI... they are old, outdated and buggy... get BCUT instead:;115745

it does everything those other programs do and a whole lot more... but thats not the problem here...

what you need to do is put the Power script ( i think it is?) into the QBAutostart folder itself, not into a Saves folder within the QBAutostart folder...

i would also honestly recommend installing Kobayashi Maru tho... it contains most of BC's mods (including an updated version of QBAutostart and Power script) and has them all working perfectly together...

if you choose to do that (will likely save you alot of headaches if you want to add other mods to your install in the future), you can find it here: Kobayashi Maru

what you need to do, is make a fresh untouched install of BC... then install BC's 1.1 patch... then install KM 2009.12... after that, install KM's patch 02.2010...