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#1 11 years ago

Okay first I want to say when I first installed the Kobayoshi Maru every and other mods like bridge core and stuff BC worked great. The second time I had to re-install bc and the Kobayoshi Maru and bridge core mod, some of the kobayoshi maru mod don't work likeThe kobayoshi maru opening video for one thing didn't work. I had to install Kobayoshi Maru manually because if I tried to install everything like it was suposed to be install. My computer would Ding and all installation would stop when it came to the Intrepid Bridge. Now that I have a new computer all istallation of the Kobayoshi Maru and bridge core went as planed but now I can't play the game. I can't go to Red Alert, can't warp, can't go to ship view mode. I tried selecting another bridge other then the Soveriegn Class bridge. It would load the soverign class bridge again. All I can about do is look around the bridge and exit the game. I can go to the menues but can't change anything on the bridge. Anyone else haveng this problem? Should I have run the game before installing the mods? What did I do wrong? Thanks.


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#2 11 years ago

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#3 11 years ago

first of all, you need to have the patch to version 1.1 then, before installing mods. run the game once so it locks the patch and updates the registry. then begin to install mods. if you installed BP Core, you need to run the game once after installing it, so it updates some files. always remember that you need backups when you install mods, and do not install a mod without knowing where are the critical files of that mod (say, looking at the files to see their path if they come in rar/zip) so you can manually delete them if you have a problem