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20th February 2004

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#1 14 years ago

I been having this problem as of about 15min ago :smokin:. When I click and run BC it will just sit on a white windows cursor and lockup the whole PC. Its not the normal yellow cursur lockup problems. This could be on my end. Only thing I can think of was downloading the riva tuner and setting the openGL compatibility settings to NV40 Emulation. So I can play Doom3:cool:. I have played BC after playing D3 and all was well. This all started when I changed monitors, but I wouldn't think that would be causing the problem. Since this monitor is newer. I set all riva tuner settings to default and rebooted. Same problem, BC just locks up the PC and I have to hard boot again. I am asking in this forum because you all seem to know your computer skills very well. And the fact that BC is the only game that locks up pc. Quake 2 will run fine, Jedi Knight 2, and the D3, but everyone of my backups of STBC will lockup the PC. Thats 4 different BC folders. I was just wondering what you guys thought this might be before I hit google and fine some more forums. Thanks


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#2 14 years ago

did u update your drivers at all?