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#1 12 years ago

When i play the game i have a wierd problem with my nanofx, i know this because when i turn nanofx off in the mutator section it goes away(but so does all the sweet effects) During battle after a few minor hits the ships i attack will appear to be nothing but really offset and badly placed battle damage taking up almost the whole ship, however when i zoom in on ther ship the damage effects go perfectly normal. it only appears to be completyl blown away at a distance when close up its what the damage should be. I have just reinstalled BC, patched it to v1.1 and installed the latest Kobayashi Maru(i think, i installed it off a a cd made by them) aprox. 900 and some MBs of stuff. I have a good computer and all my settings are set to the max. If anyone can help me please reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (My computer) Windows XP Home Edition Custom built with 2.24Ghz AMD athlon 64 4000+ processor 2.00 GB of Ram NVIDIA GeForce 6600 256MB video card (driver version DAC Type: Integrated RamDAC Direct X 9.0 or better PS. Its not fun trying to fight a romulan warbird if it already looks blown up :(


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#2 12 years ago

ok i played with my resolutions and i managed to make the problem go away 10% of the time but its usualy still messing up. i was running my game at 1024x768 and the graphics were good and i had the damage problems. changed my resolution to 1280x1024 and my graphics jumped through the roof and looked F****** awesome and my damage problem went away once, just once then happened again. Now i have a few more problems, sometime it seems torpedos and phasers just cut right through sheilds on my ship and my enemies at the same time. so i have a torpedo go through his full charged shield and blowing a hole in him, then he shoots and it does it to me and then my whole ship goes wonkey. it pieces of my ship are like gone, not blown away more like who ever made the ship just never put them there and i can see through it. i hope top god someone can help me, i love this game to death and i just want it to work!!!!!!!!! Im including pictures to help describe this problem... [ATTACH]51618[/ATTACH] This was my main damage texture problem, the galaxy should have a tiny damage spot, not huge ones [ATTACH]51619[/ATTACH] This was what happened after a galaxy torpedo or 2 went right through my full shields for some reason [ATTACH]51620[/ATTACH] sorry bad quality but u can see some redish colored damage spots when it should look like the last picture in this post [ATTACH]51621[/ATTACH] This is what the above picture should have looked like, damage went away as soon as i zoomed in, wierd eh?


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#3 12 years ago

that happens to me all the time. its just a glich. and the sheild thing happens to me alot too. its realy annoying cuse i played a miranda against a consititution and it disabled all my wepons first shot. but the sovy problem happens whenever it gets damaged. it gliches out the game. with the galaxy it happens to me too and my computer sucks so.....

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#4 12 years ago

do a search of your BC directory for any "vox" files... then delete them all... the game will generate new ones next time you fire it up...