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#1 7 years ago

I am not much of a gamer at all, so pardon me. :) And I am using a Mac that boots into Windows. Radeon X1600 (256MB). Anyway, my question is how the BC engine works when it comes to textures. The game runs great, but the graphics render like its set to low. For example, the Enterprise F from DJ Curtis renders without much detail. The forward docking port is blurred, etc. So I replaced ALL the graphics with the high-res versions. This should mean that it can only display the high quality versions no matter what the game it set to yet it looks the same. I hope that makes sense. I have the same issue with other ships. If I do set the game to low, well then it really dumbs things down. Nothing looks clear and sharp like the screen grabs shown here.

Other things like engine glow, specular highlights and plasma trails look great and work fine.

Is there some weird over-ride in place that is reprocessing the textures so they better "fit" the hardware limitations I have? Also having the car set to 6X anti-aliasing works fine too, so I have some control with the Catalyst software also. Thanks for any help.

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#2 7 years ago

turn mipmaps off and see if that helps you