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#1 15 years ago

Had a HD crash, had to re-install BC from scratch, and now I can't get any of the scripts I enjoyed so much to run, and I can't figure out what is missing or conflicting. I am seriously hoping that someone can lead me through a complete re-install process! This is what I have so far: Foundation plugin, installed when I ran BCMI (It says it installed it anyway, is there a separate file for this, and where can I get it?) QB Autostart 0[1].9.1 QuickBattle23 NanoFX2 (of course!) I threw engineering 0.3 in (not sure if this is necessary anymore with the QB autostart) And the following scripts don't work: SFC Emergency turn Fleet Orders HEturn Marine capture addship (sometimes seems to wipe out all the AI... ships just fly around and don't respond) Scrolling Mutators (this one DOES wipe out all the other ships AI for some reason) sometimes these ones don't show up, mostly the engineering ones: Power currant Emergency repair, transporter, etc. Is there something fundamental that I'm missing? If anyone could give me a step by step installation order for dummies, I sure would appreciate it! Tanks!

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#2 15 years ago

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I think this is for Bridge Commander Donutz

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