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#1 14 years ago


Noob here. I checked google and searched the forums. I really hope this question hasn't been asked before but knowing my luck.

The SNS Galaxy came with a adobe photoshop file to print up your own Registrations for the ship. I saved it as a TGA file both with and without alpha channels. The ship shows up fine except for the areas where the registrys or the name shows. Its VEEEEERY BRIGHT when the rest of the ship is shaded depending on the light conditions.

Now if the ship is powered down "All lights off using the silent running mod" it looks fine. Power up BAM all the decals and registries get bright agian.

Any help would be appreciated and I'm really sorry if this has been asked before.


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#2 14 years ago

Sounds like an alpha channel problem. A TGA has two parts to it, there is the main picture showing everything visual, then there is something called the Alpha Channel, which determines what lights shines where on the picture ingame (so if you have a texture that should appear as if it is partially lit by a light, the alpha channel says which parts are brightly lit and which parts are dimly lit). When you edit and create a TGA, you have to be careful that the alpha channel hasn't been corrupted or changed. Open up a file containing a working registry and load its alpha channel then do the same to yours to see what the differences are.


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#3 14 years ago

Unfortunatly when I open up a TGA file in Adobe Photoshop it dosen't let me look at the alpha channel. However when I save the template that comes with the SNS galaxy there is an alpha channel, I make sure it is visible and I save with it. Still no dice.