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#1 11 years ago


Lately, ever since I did a clean install of BC and reinstalled certain mods, it's been running great. I've even been picking up on how to alter some mods and stuff, it's pretty fun.

I'm just having one issue, whenever i destroy a ship, specular highlights disables itself. It happens when there are small explosions on any on-screen ship as well. I can notice a change in the graphics, and sure enough when I pause and check in the graphics menu, specular highlights are disabled. I can turn it back on, but after another boom or two, it's off again.

Any idea why explosions turn it off on me, or how I can stop this from happening?



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15th December 2006

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#2 11 years ago

yeah well, if this only happens AFTER you edited some mods, it is probably the cause of your actions:bows:

does the same happen when all mods you have installed without editing them do the same??


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28th March 2002

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#3 11 years ago

Turn off the Bright Glow fix in the NanoFX 2 Option panel.