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7th September 2006

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#1 14 years ago

Hey all, I have two weird problems. I'm guessing they're related, but then again they may not be. The first one is at the start of quickbattle. Instead of starting on the outside of the ship, I start from the bridge. The "loading" screen switches to stars and I'm on the bridge. If I press the Spacebar it takes me to the outside of the ship and it works fine, until the second problem. The enemy ships I put in QB won't attack me, follow me, or do anything to try and kill me like they're supposed to. I think these problems are related, but I haven't any clue as to how they would be or what is causing them. As you can imagine, QB isn't very much fun when your enemies don't fight back. It's quite annoying, actually. Mustang out...


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2nd November 2006

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#2 14 years ago

For the first problem, i'm think it's suppose to do that, it always had for me when i htried.:0wned:

I've had the second problem has well, i believe it's a problem with the default AI script that gets loaded. You may want to try downloading a custom mission from bcfiles and see if the ships attack you, if they do then its a problem with the AI script.