USS Patriot - Aegis Class (2.0) Problems -1 reply

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12th January 2005

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#1 12 years ago

[COLOR=black]USS Patriot - Aegis Class (2.0)[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]by [/COLOR][COLOR=black]Cavan Millward[/COLOR]

while testing this ship out Ive found a few problems:

If you "Chop off" the warp engines they take no damage

In the readme, it says the ship has armor however, in game the ship just takes normal damage and the hull overall seems weak.

If you destory 1 of the impulse engines, it renders impulse 'offline'.

The Pulse weapon fires with the F (phaser) key instead of G meaning you have to fire phasers to get them to work. you have to be very close to the target before you can use pulse weapon too.

using in system warp, when stopping the ship takes forever to stop.

I think thats everything, Ill let you know if i find any other problems.