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Major A Payne

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7th August 2002

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#1 16 years ago

Well the time has come. At long last the expansion is finished, and ready for distribution. It will be released as soon as I see Stingray, Mavrick or both online.

Anyway. A few details. Originally I had planned updates for all 6 races along with 20+ maps. However, this has changed, simply because it wouldn't have fitted in with the expansion name. Therefore I've shortened the update to 4 races only. BORG and 8472 haven't had any updates. There are also only 2 maps, and the Map Editor has updated files so that new maps can be created using these units.

Also be advised that I'm also releasing the final version of the Low Resolution texture pack, and everything has been made into WISE based installations so installing/uninstalling is very easy.

Anyway, keep your eyes open for the release. :)


Warrior Ant

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21st August 2002

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#2 16 years ago

Major, where do you find the time??

Mind you, I 'spose it don't take half as long when you're damn good!!

Look forward to it, Keep up the good work!! :D