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#1 13 years ago

Hmm. How about a ship with a power output of 1600? So far I have the battery limit as 2000, and the backup as 200.. but I don't know what to set the other two. Goal is to have the systems at 100% spill just a nudge into draining the yellow battery, shields and weapons at 125% drain almost to the red battery, and all four at 125% completely max out the bar.

Thing is, I was looking at the Newbie's guide to Power and while I have more or less figures the ratios for the main and bakup batteries, I do not know what to set the remaining two fields. And the way I figure it, I have let them sit at 80000 and some other figure I forget right now.

Entire issue I am mulling over involves the fact that I also need to figure out if I should consider the phasers and the quantum torpedo turret of the ship as two different systems or not. The phasers are fine, and it has torpedoes, but the quantum torpedo turret is scripted as the only pulse beam weapon on the ship. So there is the shields, weapons, engines, and the sesnor array. Four total as always. The weapons trip me up. Should I duse 1600/4 and further divide that by 3 for the weapons? I am so confused.. :confused:

Most importantly though, with a warp core output of 1600.. Knowing what to put in the other fields to get my results is the big deal. 100% on all reaches the limit of the warp power. Two on 125% drains the main battery, and all four at 125% to drain the backup battery.

Yes.. Newb idiocy on my part. After releating my first beta hardpoint attempt with the Mnemosyne class, I am working to make it better. Certainly no harm in that.