Difficulty With Klingon Missions -1 reply

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Steve Hale

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9th August 2002

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#1 17 years ago

I don't know what is going on but I'm having a horrible time in my battles against the cardassians. They seem to have all of their tech tree allowed while my forces can't even make the research facility to upgrade stuff. They already have this temporal rift thing that takes out entire fleets, LoL!

Anyway, I've modded my Birds of Prey to fire two extra rounds of their phasers, I've upped their shields and their part hit points. I've pumped out entire fleets but they keep getting beat down unless I send it like three of four enormous fleets.

Usually I use my cloaking devices to create several large fleets and I move them into positions around key parts of their bases and stuff. Then, I decloak and open fire on my target with the first fleet. After a few shots go off I've decloaked my next fleet and I go on like that through all the fleets I'm using. It seems that the enemy phasers are too powerful. They send a constant stream that just drains my shields too quickly. I feel bad enough that I'm cheating like a mofo (modding my Bird of Prey and "showmethemoney") so I don't want to mod too much more.

Am I using the wrong strategy? Is there something I should be considering that I'm not? Any hints would be appreciated.

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17th June 2002

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#2 17 years ago

hehe, that is cheating a little i guess, changing the parametres of the game in your favour. you ever consider that the cardies are so tough becuase they should be? to pose a challenge, perhaps? and i do think that, if i remember rightly, the cardassiant's galor class cruisers are set to have slightly more powerful weapons, if your on the levels where they use them, that is. Of course, if you're still using birds of prey and they're using galors, then thats your reason; the galor is significantly more powerful than the attack ships, coz its a battleship. Try outnumbering them SIGNIFICANTLY. Find and destroy all their resource-gatehring operations. Then when their attacks on you seem slowed, thats when they're as weak as they'll get without a direct attack. So send in as many ships as the pop limit allows, and kill the lot of them, looking out for any construction ships making a run for it, coz they'll just rebuild.