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17th June 2002

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#1 18 years ago

I'm British, so most people out there probably don't expect me to make a fuss about anything that bothers me, and usually I don't. But I've been noticing that there is definitely someone/many people going around voting '1' on every file they see, likely regardless of whether they've actually used it or not. I remember it happening to my first mod before it had even been downloaded, and it annoyed me. But lately I've been noticing it more than usual, probably because downloads (and thus ratings) are decreasing as Armada 2 gets old. And its not just on a2files, its across ALL the sites in the Files networks. Granted, some of the files may well deserve scores of '1' in the person's mind, and thats not a problem, if thats what they think, so be it. But some files can't possibly be worth 1s, no matter how twisted ones mind is. Not being one to fall for stereotypical views, I feel its probably guests doing it. While some non-registered people out there are posting some comments which are frankly more constructive than members' own comments, some are still posting irrelevant rubbish and flaming. Is there nothing that can be done? I would at least suggest you do something about changing the ability to rate a file. For example, force a user to login before rating a file, or perhaps making it so that the rating you give goes with a comment rather than an average score, so the modder him/herself can see the difference between an actual score and an idiots score, and it would maybe even stir up some more constructive comments as a result. At least I think that someone should look into it, its not a particularly moralising experience, I can tell you myself.


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22nd August 2002

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#2 18 years ago

thats very true, and u have some good ideas, but it would take some work in the programming of ALL the file sites to do