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#1 14 years ago

Im planning an rp server for the purpose of teaching new recruits, the server will have no official links with any other rp clan (all though input would be welcome). It will be set up so higher clan members (admin etc) can contact us so they can send new recruits to the academy to be taught. Or just new people to the world of rp-ing can come and learn before they get right in at the deep end and think "what am i doing". Ive been looking through the rp servers and noticed that as rp has grown its got harder and harder for clans to give new recruits there full attention so the perfect solution would be "let someone else do it". Thats what im suggesting "let us do it". It might be difficult as it would require the cooperation of all the clans but i think it would benefit everyone. Any feed back would be great as this project will be hard work so i want to know if people would want this academy before we push it through. Either leave a message here or join us online on the Knight School server to tell us what you think. Thank you for your time foreverknight