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#1 12 years ago

Hello I am Nicholas a member of Holo-Federation. Holo-Federation is a group that Roleplays using a Elite Force mod called RPG-X V2.1 Which you can download it and all the updates here: RPG-X Mod - Powered by vBulletin The MOD is free as long as you have Star Trek Elite force We are a very active group , we have Role plays going on during the week where you pick your rank as long as it is not already in use and you role play on different maps. Every Sunday at 2:00 PM EST where a bunch of member that signed up all go on the server with a position that was given to them go on and play through a story line that the Admin's write and you can get promotions and such. It is about 2 hours long every Sunday. The forums are alway pretty active and fun all the time. We have very creative minds in the group and every one is welcoming funny and unique. We don't have strict rule only the obvious which there is a thread about. Here is the link to our site: Holo Federation Roleplay - Index

Here is a RPG-X Video: YouTube - Star Trek Elite Force Online Role Playing Game

Here is Holo-Federation SRP Video: YouTube - Holo Federation Season 1 Backstory

Any other questions PM , Thank you and I hope you enjoy.

-Nicholas Murray


I didn't make it!

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#2 12 years ago

I was banned from your sever for no reason I jsut joined then 30 secounds latter someone banned me. I play your sever the most and so do lots of others , and I would like to play with all those people on your sever and I cant. my charecters name is spartan-463


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#3 12 years ago

Please contact Holo-Federation staff through their forums rather than bumping topics here - only to ask to be un-banned.