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17th December 2002

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#1 15 years ago

Hey guys, i need a lil help setting up my dedicated server. Heres some info. 1. JK2 2. All updates installed up to 1.04 3. jediplus installed 4. I have win32 dedicated server patch 1.04 installed and in the base directory . Ok first off , i have a T1 game server at my isp's office. And my clan and i play different games all the time, the 1st problem is that we use radmin to control the server and to startup games. The problem is when we use radmin to startup JK2 we loose all mouse control in the JK2 game , so therefore we cant launch a game with it. or set anything with it, so we looked for a way to launch a dedicated server, thats where we found that win32 dedicated server patch and it had the jk2ded.exe in it, which is perfect for our problem . But when we try to launch it it acts like it launches it but in the command window it says couldnt exec jk2mpserver.cfg, and also the autoexec.cfg, and then it says reset the hunk. From what i see it doesnt load the .cfg files but it looks like it launches the dedicated server. But when i try to join it it doesnt show a ping to my server in my browser, and it timesout, like you cant join it at all. Ive looked everywhere for support for this but there is none anywhere. If there is anyother way to launch a dedicated with another program plz let me know, or if you know anyway to fix my problems with what i got , it would be greatly appreciated, thx guys , in advance. p.s. PLZ HELP!!!!! LOL