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18th May 2003

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#1 15 years ago


I am NOT a stranger to the Jedimod/Omnimod series of game mods ...and let me say right now I love them!!!

But...I just did a Massive reinstall of my system...all new/latest drivers etc...Reinstalled Jedi and Omnimod 2.2 and I can't get the skins of the included bots to show up in my game!

I followed the install instructions TO THE LETTER! I unzipped the File to "Gamedata" as stated...started up an mp Omimod server and everybody e.g. all the Omnimod bots( except the "original" bots that come in Jedi) Looks like KYLE...

I even tried moving all the files DIRECTLY into the Gamedata/base directory and still not working correctly.

Omnimod 2.2 is THE ONLY mod I have installed...It's the only one I really LIKE to Play and it's driving me NUTS!!!!

ANY help would be appreciated...I even tried the Omniclan homepage for an FAQ and read all the notes in the readme files!!!



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23rd August 2002

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#2 15 years ago

There oughta be a .pk3 in your base file that came from omnimod, something like botfiles or something, remove that.