"S_RegisterSound empty name" error? -1 reply

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31st March 2003

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#1 17 years ago

Ok this post is the same as my other one. I have a clan that runs omnimod II RPG. So to run it i got and installed in the gamedata folder. I go into the server they run and immediately after joining the battle i recieve a "unknown client game command: ts" and after the same message with a "sc" instead of "ts". After a few minutes or seconds the game shuts off back to the black console with yellow lettering saying "S_RegisterSound empty name" flashing in red and black. I also noticed that the "Unknown client game command: ts" would appear after i threw the lightsaber. It most often shut off after someone turned a saber on close to me, but did it also a few times differently. What does that message mean and how do i fix it? I have reinstalled the game twice and reinstalled and redownloaded omnimod twice. The game is up to date, and the clan i'm in runs the same mod version because everyone downloaded it from our clan site. This is a puzzle and if anyone can figure it out please let me know. Thank You. -Ty


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20th February 2003

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#2 17 years ago

I got the same error on the Nar Shaddaa Terminal MP level? I want help too!