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23rd June 2003

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#1 15 years ago

Hi. :cya:

When I type this in console, "/map_restart", when she comes to one, the hole jk2 is freezing, everything stops, and she says one, one, one, one all the time. :mad:

What shall I do to make it work? :uhoh:

And, some people take Grip and then kick the same time, how is that possible I tryed on a friend but when I run he's flying away, with my Grip. Must I Grip him near a wall or what is the trick? :fistpunch:

And some people make Pull, so I fall the ground and then they kick me, but when I Pull he dont fall to ground. Teach me please! :(



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22nd March 2003

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#2 15 years ago

Restart Prob

1)Well don't type it in then use the esc menu.

You Grip Problem

2)They hold grip then run up and kick while doing it this is easy if you have a romote instead of the keybord.

3)you need to controle it with you mouse, try moving your mous back while you run fowards that might work!

Your Pull Prob

4)Just pull while standing still if that don't work then pull but controle him by moviing your screen down which should control to the ground.

5)desann does it on artus_mine (SP level)

6)Run around and pull and push and grip every second while circling your aponent that should really push him around!

Good luck