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23rd April 2003

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#1 17 years ago

Hello, I'm a jedi outcast veteran, 7 months to be exact. But there has always been one problem for me: server making. I know the steps, Ive done them. I go to create server; then for dedicated server, I click internet, then bang, I got me a server. But the problem is that my server never show up on the huge server list. My server only appears in the local section. Hence forth, no one can join unless they are in my local area. I need help on how to get my server to appear with the rest of the servers on the list. I have comcast digital cable, if that matters.

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30th March 2003

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#2 17 years ago

absolutely wrong forum dude but to ur question:did u make sure u had it so you can see empty servers because theres probobly no one in it :D