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24th March 2002

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#1 17 years ago

Here is an idea i had while doing level 2 on the derelict starship.

It may sound boring to some of you and not to others.

But how about instead of a "hazzard team" you are an "engineering team"

Instead of fighting aliens, you fight to save the ship. Like some of the missions in voyager where you have to stop the warp core from going nova. Or like the derelict ship where you have to restore gravity and power. Basicly a puzzle game, where you have to find your way through the ship to fix these probs. A simple briefing at the begining of each mission and maybe some new probs come up as you make you way around the ship.

THere a a few various bridges and corridor setups to use for multiple levels, but also multiple levels on one ship wouldnt be too bad either.

Im not sure if this could work in a multiplayer co-op RPG type game or just for single player alone. Now spawning enemies, no bad acting. just either the standard non-interactive crew like in SP missions or the other players in multi.

mission 1 :

Beaming aboard the USS Etcetera, you find there is no gravity plating, no forcefields, no life support and only minimal power to some decks. Crawling your way through Jt's and floating your way around deck, being careful not to be sucked out the nearest open cargo bay or blast hole. you open doors with emergency levers and remove panels to access equipment. Getting to main engineering may take a while without turbo lifts or working doors. Especially if there is a blasted out section or a plasma leak. Using your tricorder to link power couplings and repair connections.

Most these elements you will see in EF2 for those who played it. but only in small numbers, as it is a little too much like "Serious sam" at times. The other elements are already in most RPG mod maps for EF1. Just EF2 gives you much more to play with.

I dont know my way around the Q3A engine or the modeling programs.But im sure there is someone who thinks its a good idea and would like to try.

Im sure there will be lots of mods for this awesome game.


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2nd May 2002

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#2 17 years ago

Yeah thats sound like a kewl idea i like alot of adventureing but also action but that sounds like a good idea

Who knows what mods will bring EF2 Carnt wait if there anything like EF1 then where in for a treat

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15th December 2002

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#3 17 years ago

Yea, Fantastic idea. With the EF2's better Q3 engine, who knows. Its a fantastic idea :rock: i hope someone dose actualy do it.

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1st March 2004

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#4 16 years ago

I think that this is an excellent idea, I had a similar idea, and right now I am working on an engineering map, but unfortunately I'm new to all this stuff and I have no idea how to make a mod, or add puzzles. So now that EF2 is out, would anyone want to either make this, or give me any clues on how to do it?