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10th September 2003

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#1 16 years ago

Just downloaded those skins but cant use them as bots, here is what you need to do. And also if you want to add bots to any map just edit the bots.txt. You can find the bots.txt in the locpak1.pk3 (/botfiles/bots.txt) extract it, and use it.

adding bots is easy create a pk3 file and give dir. structure as follows /botfiles/bots.txt make sure not to delete any bots in the file extracted from locpak.pk3, because this file will override the one in locpak1.pk3 and you may lose the other bots, i did lol. Below is actual file, at the bottom are my added bots, but replace them with your bots. { name Jurot mp_playermodel models/char/dm_jurot.tik aifile bots/xaero_c.c arenaLord 1 screenshot sysimg/headshots/dm_jurot.tga }

{ name 4of12 mp_playermodel models/char/dm_borg_female.tik aifile bots/orbb_c.c screenshot sysimg/headshots/dm_borg_female.tga }

{ name Munro mp_playermodel models/char/munro.tik aifile bots/slash_c.c screenshot sysimg/headshots/dm_munro.tga }

{ name Suldok mp_playermodel models/char/dm_romulan_rebel-commander.tik aifile bots/sorlag_c.c screenshot sysimg/headshots/dm_romulan_rebel-commander.tga }

{ name Operative93 mp_playermodel models/char/dm_romulan_informant-boss.tik aifile bots/daemia_c.c screenshot sysimg/headshots/dm_romulan_informant-boss.tga }

{ name Voran mp_playermodel models/char/dm_romulan_rebel-guard-snow.tik aifile bots/uriel_c.c arenaLord 1 screenshot sysimg/headshots/dm_romulan_rebel-guard-snow.tga }

{ name B'Lor mp_playermodel models/char/dm_klingon_merc-female.tik aifile bots/keel_c.c screenshot sysimg/headshots/dm_klingon_merc-female.tga }

{ name Alaw mp_playermodel models/char/dm_romulan_stx-female.tik aifile bots/lucy_c.c screenshot sysimg/headshots/dm_romulan_stx-female.tga }

{ name Picard mp_playermodel models/char/dm_picard.tik aifile bots/bitterman_c.c screenshot sysimg/headshots/dm_picard.tga }

{ name Tuvok mp_playermodel models/char/dm_tuvok.tik aifile bots/gorre_c.c screenshot sysimg/headshots/dm_tuvok.tga }

{ name Chang mp_playermodel models/char/dm_chang.tik aifile bots/anarki_c.c arenaLord 1 screenshot sysimg/headshots/dm_chang.tga }

{ name Omag mp_playermodel models/char/dm_ferengi_oolpax.tik aifile bots/tankjr_c.c screenshot sysimg/headshots/dm_ferengi_oolpax.tga }

{ name Lurok mp_playermodel models/char/dm_klingon_merc-boss.tik aifile bots/patriot_c.c screenshot sysimg/headshots/dm_klingon_merc-boss.tga }

{ name Krindo mp_playermodel models/char/dm_drull_krindo.tik aifile bots/cadavre_c.c screenshot sysimg/headshots/dm_drull_krindo.tga }

{ name Korban mp_playermodel models/char/dm_kourban.tik aifile bots/klesk_c.c arenaLord 1 screenshot sysimg/headshots/dm_kourban.tga }

{ name 13of23 mp_playermodel models/char/dm_borg_male.tik aifile bots/phobos_c.c screenshot sysimg/headshots/dm_borg_male.tga }

{ name Riaros mp_playermodel models/char/dm_nausicaan_male-merc.tik aifile bots/grunt_c.c screenshot sysimg/headshots/dm_nausicaan_male-merc.tga }

{ name Stalker mp_playermodel models/char/dm_stalker.tik aifile bots/visor_c.c screenshot sysimg/headshots/dm_stalker.tga }

{ name Thrall mp_playermodel models/char/dm_andorian_merc-male.tik aifile bots/doom_c.c screenshot sysimg/headshots/dm_andorian_merc-male.tga }

{ name Flonk mp_playermodel models/char/dm_attrexian_security-male.tik aifile bots/razor_c.c screenshot sysimg/headshots/dm_attrexian_security-male.tga }

{ name Erastas mp_playermodel models/char/dm_attrexian_command-female.tik aifile bots/mynx_c.c screenshot sysimg/headshots/dm_attrexian_command-female.tga }

{ name Kleeya mp_playermodel models/char/dm_drull_Kleeya.tik aifile bots/major_c.c screenshot sysimg/headshots/dm_drull_Kleeya.tga }

{ name Telsia mp_playermodel models/char/dm_telsia.tik aifile bots/crash_c.c screenshot sysimg/headshots/dm_telsia.tga }

{ name Chell mp_playermodel models/char/dm_chell.tik aifile bots/sarge_c.c arenaLord 1 screenshot sysimg/headshots/dm_chell.tga }

{ name Barclay mp_playermodel models/char/dm_barclay.tik aifile bots/barclay_c.c arenaLord 1 screenshot sysimg/headshots/dm_barclay.tga }

{ name EVO-Suit_idryll <----added bot mp_playermodel models/char/dm_idryll.tik aifile bots/sarge_c.c screenshot sysimg/headshots/dm_idryll.tga }

{ name EVO-Suit_gonzales <--- added bot mp_playermodel models/char/dm_gonzales.tik aifile bots/crash_c.c screenshot sysimg/headshots/dm_gonzales.tga }