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2nd January 2003

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#1 18 years ago

I was wondering. Is there anyway (or could a way be invented) to convert a quake 3 .map file into a lightwave 3d scene .lws file (and back)? I don't think it would be too complicated but it's way beyond what I can do. Brushes turn into polygons, meshes turn into NURBS. The only thing extremely difficult would be transposing textures, especiialy any kind of shaders. The format is completely differant. Working with Radient I found, creating simple geometry is easy but complex geometry is hard. Working with lightwave I found, creating simple geometry is rather difficult, while creating more complicated geometry is made much simpler. I think a conversion could be done and I think it would be useful (at least to me) but I don't know of anyone who would wish to embark on such a project. If such a utility currently exists, I havn't found it and would like to know where to get it. If not, and someone wishes to make one, I'll help out however I can. Even a conversion to .c4d or .obj would work. I don't think .3ds can handle curved surfaces. Would anyone else find this a useful tool or am I the only one?

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