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12th March 2004

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#1 15 years ago

Umm, how do I load in bots in Elite force 1? whats the command... i nead a list of bot names are there allready bots in elite force or do i nead to download some, if so where do i get em.


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#2 15 years ago

How do I add HCs (holographic characters aka bots?)

(Paraphrased from the Q3 Basic Server Guide by Dekard) How can I add new bots to a map I've started? You can hit ESC to bring up the menu and choose Add HC. You will be presented with a list of HCs you can load into your game. Choose one, select a skill level, and hit 'Accept'. Repeat the process with each new HC. When you're done, hit 'In-game Menu' and then resume game.

Alternatively, if you want to add HC from the console, you can exercise a little more customizability over the HCs you play with. Start a holomatch, open your console and then type the following:

  1. /addbot [botname] [skill 1-4] [team] [msec delay] [altname]
  • [botname] - This is the name of the underlying bot from which Elite Forces will pull behavior characteristics
  • [skill 1-4] - Skill level of the bot (1 being Cadet level)
  • [team] - If you will be playing a team DM or CTF game, enter 'Red' or 'Blue' to specify to which team the bot will belong
  • [msec delay] - This simulates milliseconds of ping experienced by the bot
  • [altname] - In Quake 3, you can assign a new name for bots (e.g., instead of always fragging Chakotay, you can use the Chakotay HC and rename him Billybob). For some reason however, I cannot figure out how to do this in Elite Forces so we'll ignore it for now.

The final line will look like this:

  1. /addbot chakotak 1 blue 100

This would spawn the Chakotay HC, which plays at cadet skill and simulates a 100 ping. ping (like movements)

If you want to build a server rotation for single player play, add the same lines after your map rotation for each HC you want to add. These HCs will spawn on all of your maps, allowing you to customize a nice little frag fest to enjoy at home. An example would look like:

  1. // sample single player server config // Maplist set m1 "map hm_voy2 ; set nextmap vstr m2" set m2 "map hm_borg1 ; set nextmap vstr m3" set m3 "map hm_noon ; set nextmap vstr m4" vstr "m1" // Botlist addbot chakotay 1 blue 100 addbot tuvok 1 100

Save this file as 'server.cfg' and place it in your /baseEF folder. Start a game, open your console, and then type:

  1. exec server.cfg

This would set up a map rotation of three maps with two bots for me to fight against.