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I started on a map based on the TV series "Red Dwarf" but it got put on the back shelf and forgot about. Its such a likeness to the Red Dwarf set from Red Dwarf I, and i would like to pass it on as a Developer Kit so people can edit what i have started and make it there own. Can i ask the EFFiles staff if you would acsept this file as a Starter Kit or somthing to be hosted on EFFiles. Thats why i post to see if i can or not.

But in the mean time, here are a few screenshots that you might like to see. X-Press Lift 1.jpg">Blue Midgit View Corridor (Red Dwarf I) The outside of Red Dwarf Lift 1 1.jpgBlueMidgit 1.jpgCorridor 1.jpgThe Ship 1.jpg

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