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8th September 2002

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#1 16 years ago

does anyone know any good skinning tutorials? ive read the one on the Synapse, but i know how to edit images rofl, i just dunno where to put them etc. also anything like making weapons and models in whatever program u use for that lol :P (milkshape or maya or something?) and also how to put them in the game lol

thanks guys, Arch :cool:

oh and this is the result of me fidling so far....


oh and this was an accident not me trying to make permanent cloak or anything :P



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19th August 2002

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#2 16 years ago

Your problem is a very common one that is based on incorrect pathnames for your qc or skin files. Lets trouble shoot:

*Look your qc files over really good. Then copy and past it into the other qc files that have the same things, adding or removing parts that dont apply.*Do the same for your skin files.

* Remember that your skin file paths hould look like this:


*That's just an example but make sure your pic's and model parts are correct. Also remember that EF first looks for a tga pic. And if it dosnt find on then it looks for a jpg. Remeber when making your skin and qc files that no matter the skin be a tga or jpg, the pic must end in tga. look at the example path above for reference.

*Also your skin pic may not be the correct format. Only tga and jpg formats work.

*And note that several of the MP and most of the SP player models use generic (general) skins and bodyparts. If you want to use a skin that there is no jpg or tga for it, when you get your model's files from your pak0.pk3, be aware that the game already knows what skins go where and you wont have a skin file. You need to make one tho, so go into your pak0.pk3 and find the models/players/ OR models/players2/ section and look for the skin pic files you want to use, and redirect your pathnames to point at the skins you want in the pak0.pk3. You dont need to include the skin pics in your work if they are default or XP skins, ie: munro, biessman, sela, chaotica, janeway, hazard, etc. If you find it in the pak0.pk3 then its already in the game. so just tell your skin to use the one's you want from the pak0.pk3, this saves having to include them with your work.

Weapons, Cars, Planes, Furniture models? That's what 99% of my work is in EF. Contact me and I'll give or point you to everything you'll need to build almost whatever you want. The only thing you'll have to do is listen, learn, have patience, and dream.

Need more help or have questions? Email me.

DJ KryptiK aka 8of12