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20th January 2004

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#1 14 years ago

Hi I'm James Towell the Director of the Star Trek Revisited project. Star Trek Revisited will follow the USS Enterprise B and her crew on their missions after Star Trek Generations. Currently for the Star Trek Revisited series we are looking for mod makers to help make this project happen. 6 of the 12 scheduled episodes have been scripted and someone is already working on maps of the Enterprise B and some away team missions. Series One consisting of 12 episodes will be set between the years 2294 and 2300 with Episode 12 called a call to arms being the last episode of series one and being a cliff hanger for series 2 to pick up on. Soon we will be casting for Voice Actors so if your intrested please mail me at the address below. We are also looking for someone who would be willing to make a website for the mod team for information on Revisited.

you can contact me on the following addresses. [email=""][/email] this is my msn address if you want to talk to me right away [email=""][/email]