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3rd July 2003

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#1 17 years ago

do you guys have any map lists?

and also, i wanna explore the enterprise freely. any maps for doing that?

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15th September 2002

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#2 17 years ago

no maps for exploring the enterprise if you want a certain map name,go into the pk3 and find the right map file


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28th June 2003

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#3 17 years ago

* DM maps ; ----------- dm_attrexian1 dm_borgurvish dm_bridwag dm_ctf_station dm_gullie dm_idryll2 dm_kirk dm_kw dm_quarterdeck dm_sewer dm_t2_new dm_t4mobius dm_trophonius

* SP and secret maps ; (the "m6" levels are in alphabetical order, not mission order) -------------------------------------------------------------- ef2_minigame2 ent-deck ent-deck1_bridge ent-deck11 ent-deck16_engineering ent-deck7a ent-deck7b ent-deck7c ent-deck8 ent-training_weap1 ent-training_weap2 ent-training_weap3 ent-training_weap4 ent-training1 ent-training2 ent-training3 ent-training4 m0-intro m1l1a-borg_sphere m1l1b-borg_sphere m1l1c-borg_sphere m1l2a-borg_sphere m1l2b-borg_sphere m1l2c-borg_sphere m1l3-borg_boss m2l0-sfa m2l1-sfa m2l2-sfa m3l1a-forever m3l1b-forever m3l2-forever m4l1a-attrexian_station m4l1b-attrexian_station m4l2b-attrexian_station m5l1a-drull_ruins1 m5l1b-drull_ruins1 m5l2a-drull_ruins1 m5l2b-drull_ruins1 m5l2c-drull_ruins1 m6-deck1_bridge_redalert m6-deck16_engineering m6-deck8_redalert m6-exterior m6l0-attack m7l1a-attrexian_colony m7l1b-attrexian_colony m7l2a-attrexian_colony m7l2b-attrexian_colony m7l2c-attrexian_colony m8l1a-drull_ruins2 m8l1b-drull_ruins2 m8l2a-drull_ruins2 m8l2b-drull_ruins2 m9l1a-klingon_base m9l1b-klingon_base m9l2-klingon_base m10l1-romulan_installation m10l2a-romulan_installation m10l2b-romulan_installation m11l1a-drull_ruins3 m11l2a-drull_ruins3 m11l3a-drull_ruins3 m11l3b-drull_ruins3 m12-end secret1 secret2 secret3 testMorph zoo1

* Correctly loading the Information Gathering Mission levels (the "ent-deck" levels) from the console ;

" The IGM levels are somewhat special, in that the same physical level is used multiple times for multiple different scenarios. To run the special setup required for these levels, load the map "ent-deck", and shoot your phaser at the number of the mission that you want to go to (1-8). This will carry out the setup necessary to make a particular IGM work.

- BirdDawg, Ritual Entertainment Level Designer "

Thus, the IMG levels load without any NPC's when u load them from the Console. This way u CAN explore these levels freely.

How many times DO i have to post the maplist (that i wrote myself) till someone remembers ;)