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27th March 2003

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#1 18 years ago

How do I get them to work?

From the looks of it I can save a CD, and give the link to all of my friends. On I can't find a link anywhere that will even take me to my own CD, let alone someone else's.

Where's the link to my CD? I'd like to give that link to my friend.



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11th April 2002

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#2 18 years ago

Ok, so to make a new cd, under the category listing:

Elite Force Downloads > Utilities > Miscellaneous Tools:

You'll see something like: Add to my CD

Click on that link and a new window opens.

At the very top, you'll see a line saying:

┬╗ CD key now set, using ZRNQIWB!

the CD Key saves the contents in that cd. Use this to share with your friends and/or recall a previous CD.

So say you made a CD a long time ago and you stored the CD key somewhere, you want to access it now right? Click on the "Add to my CD" link (doesn't matter which one, just click any one to get to the CD window)

In the "Options" box, look for a link that says: Recall a different CD

Click on it and it takes you to another page asking for a CD key. Enter in your CD key (try using ZRNQIWB and see what comes up, I made this CD just now so you can test to see if it works :))

Hope this helps :)