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4th February 2006

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Uncle-Sam.jpg Thank you for Taking an interest in Federation Empires I am Operative 14, President of Federation Empires. This is the URL for our clan: www.fe-fleet.co.nr Feel free to come and look around and talk with us on there about who we are!

What is Federation Empires? We are a group of players dedicated to keep games free for all, not controlled by one clan or person. We are a group of friends that have meet through this Clan, and over time, we have grown to a close knit family. This is what i consider to be the most important aspect of FE. Friendship, not Ownage. We almost never fight other clans, unless severely provoked.

What's the Mission of FE? It is our mission to make the game enjoyable for ALL- not just members of our clan.

What games do we play? Currently we are playing mainly;

Bridge Commander(version KM 0.9.1) - Star Wars: Empire at War(most recent patch version) - Guildwars - Rise of Nations - Call of Duty - Halo:CE

We also have several specialty games that only a few of our members play, so please ask! We hope to become active in other games as well as we evolve. If you join the clan, and you play a game that we do not play, or the rest of us have little experiance in, you will also have the opprotunity to be the Head of Division for that game. FE is currently looking for a HOD for SFC:3. I recently remembered i have SFC:3. However, I have never played it online through multiplyer, and only a small amount of the single player. I was more interested in Call of Duty and Bridge commander. We are looking for new members for our clan that play this game and are able to bring an appreciable amount of experiance to Federation Empires.

What chance do you have of forward movement in the clan?

Right now, as we have the clan structured, we start everyone off as a cadet status, where you stay for about a week. Then as you are around more and we get to know you better, and most importantly play games with you, we will put you in a rank and position most suited to you. There is also the chance for forward movement based upon your actions in the clan, and how active you are. We have a losely based command structure, and although you may have a low rank in the clan, you opinion is still very important to the Admiralty. Our ranks are ever rarely used.

Where do I sign?:deal: You can join our forums and look around, then you can post in the "Apply to Join section" and we will get back to you as soon as we can. - Also, you may contact me via MSN messenger, or through E-mail at [EMAIL="operative14@hotmail.com"]operative14@hotmail.com[/EMAIL] And I will do my best to answer any questions you have. - Becuase of security problems we have had in the past, a great deal of our forums have been blocked to guests and validating members of the foums. So that is why they appear to be very empty.