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#1 13 years ago

Hello, I want to first introduce myself. I am MyComputerMan and I am an officer of the Galactic Foreign Legion, an active SFC3 gaming group that has one of the best mods out there. You can find out site at Galactic Foreign Legion. I have come to your gaming group inviting you to try out our mod and our server. Currently, our server is the most active. Some nights we get as many as 15 players, but I would love to increase that number by even more. We have players from many countries and time zones, so no matter where you live, there is someone who will be around to play with you. Our mod is one of the most balanced and it takes SFC3 to new heights. We have custom ai on the dyna, which makes it more challenging. All the scripts have been edited. If you remember that evil draw you would get when fighting ai if you almost die, well that is gone. No more stupid draws. Also, payouts for battles are now much higher than before, which ensures that you make prestige points every battle. Planet Assaults no longer utilize defense platforms, but rather we have a nice starbase defending the planet with a large fleet of ai. Don’t be mistaken, the mission is hard, but a victory is rewarding. 15000 prestige points. Bases no longer use the defense platforms, but rather a large fleet of ai to defend the base, which makes the mission way more fun. Freighter assaults now have nasty shuttles flying around and the freighters fight back rather than act like idiots. That is a wild battle! We have added tons of new ships, including a BB for all the races. The fun does not end there. Our next mod update will have never before seen scripts as well as scripts with custom ai! I encourage you to come try our mod. If you are looking for a good fight and some good friends, you won’t be disappointed. In our current dyna, the Klingons are leading, the borg are near extinction. The Federation and Romulans are pounding each other back and forth. Today, the Roms have the upper hand, but tomorrow, or knows? I personally am flying Federation this dyna and would be glad to have you as a Fed, but any race will do. I can always use another target. Ok! Now that you are interested here is how you install our mod: 1. Install a fresh install of SFC3, 2. Disable Visual Themes (right click shortcut of game on desktop, properties, compatibility) 3. install the 534B build patch 4. Install the LAW 4.0 Mod. You can find that at Galactic Foreign Legion, go to the downloads section, click LAW Mod and scroll to the bottom. It is the last file added 5. Go to to install the new Access Server patch. now host the access server rather than Activision. 6. Go into your SFC3 folder and run the Orginal to Mod.bat file. 7. Load up your game and join the GFL LAW server I think you have to join our forums in order to get access to downloading the mod. If you do not wish to become a member on our forums and still want the mod, let me know. I may be able to find another way to get it to you. I encourage you to come check out our site and try out our mod. Please post on our forums and introduce yourself and what clan you are from. If you are not from a clan, no problem, we will be happy to have you. Still post so we can welcome you with open arms. Please respond to my topic if you plan on trying it out. I like to keep track of all our players. I am the Personnel Officer for the GFL and player satisfaction is my job. If you have an problems, comments, or questions feel free to email me at [EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL]. Thanks for your time and I hope you provide an opportunity to meet you and play SFC3 with you, MyComputerMan Fleet Commander of the Federation GFL SFC3 Personnel Officer