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29th November 2005

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Website - http://www.ufplanets.com (under major re-construction) Clan Forums - http://forums.ufplanets.com UFP-SIM Dev Boards - http://unity.ufplanets.com UFP-SIM RPing Boards - http://ufpsim.ufplanets.com -Main Center Forums To Be Made-

Established in August 2002 the {UFP} was created to bring great gaming, and a solid, fair and friendly community for all, regardless of skill.

The UFP includes...

- A rich history in star trek gaming - Starfleet Ranks/Medals/Awards - FULL Ranking Structure (Rise through the ranks and get to the top!) - Starfleet Departments (Security, Internal affairs etc) - Starfleet Academy training to boost your gaming knowledge and skill - Gaming Squads - Full Code of Conduct - UFP Game maps and modifications And much more!

On a side note, there is also a "spin off" forum roleplaying project within the "UFP". This is not to be confused with the {UFP} clan as it isnt integrated within the clan itself. The project is the UFP-SIM. (URL at top of page)

We aim to create the best online star trek roleplaying experience possible making it as canon and as realistic to the series. The UFP is souly revolved around YOU. We want you to have the best possable experience. So you can do anything from pure gaming to being in a department and take your roleplaying to the next level. If you'd like to be a part of our fun community of Trek gamers apply today and make trek history!