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#1 14 years ago

How do you make a ship appear larger in-game? I downloaded a mod, but it looks so small compared to the more powerful, built-in vessels. Is there a way to make the new one bigger, say, Sovereign size or something?


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#2 14 years ago

Depends on 'how' it's actually smaller.Look at the shield rings around the ship, if they are WAY outside the hull, then it can be fixed. if not, it's the size of the model file that will have to be changed, and that can only be done with a model editing program like 3D Studio or Milkshape. Now, if the shield rings are to big for the ship, here's the fix: Open your SFC3 folder, and find the file called SFC.INI At the bottem of the [3D] section, add the line: writeoutmodelsizfile=1 This line will "size" all files in the models folder, so if you added only one ship remove ALL models except the one(s) you need to size. (make sure you save them so you can replace them afterwards) Start the game and go into Single Player Skirmish. When you click the "Start Single Player" button, the game will "lag" for a minute (the more models in the folder, the longer the lag) You will think the game has frozen, but don't reboot. When the game switches to the next screen, just exit the game completely. Once out of the game, go into the models folder and you will see a new file has been creates called Models.siz Open this file using Notepad, and you will see the proper size for the ship(s) you just sized. Open your DefaultCore.txt file, find the line where you added your new ship. 0 FF 825 0 825 1850 650 1800 6000 575 Fed-Frigate Saber PrimaryHP:1:300_360:2:0_60:3:330_30 HeavyHP:12:330_30 HullHP:1:2:3 BridgeHP:1:2 ship Mines:2:8:2 Marines:4:8:4 Shuttles:1:2:1 The part I have in Bold there is the ship size. That is where you add the ship size from the file. Take out any decimals the file added, don't ask me why it does that. so if the number in the siz file is 23.75 you put 2375 in that slot in the core. Your shield rings will now be the proper distance from the ship, and the game will zoom in the ship to the proper size. Remember to either remove the line in the SFC.INI file, or set the value to 0 before going back into the game.


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#3 14 years ago

Yes, that fixed it. Thank you.