Does anyone know where to find Starblazers ships for SFC 3? -1 reply

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1st November 2003

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#1 13 years ago

Does anyone know where can I find some starblazers ships? I already have the Yamato, the Andromeda a Gearing Destroyer and a Gamilon Destroyer and also the fighter black Tiger but I wanted some more. I know they are out there some where but cant seem to find. I say this beacause I think I saw a few years ago a few other ships like the Yamato II and the New York Battleship (not sure about the second one but if it wasn't the N. York it was something like that). The Yamato 2 I'm almost positive sure I saw it and it had some wing or something like that. Already looked in the internet for these but no luck so far. By the way. How about the Rodger Young from Starship troopers? Does anyone know anything about it? If you know where I could find some please tell me. Thanks