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22nd February 2007

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#1 12 years ago

I've been trying to create a new campaign, adding the Cardassians to the standard map. I've added the Cardassian ships to the Models folder, added appropriate entries to the DLO and DC files, and added Cardassian map hexes to the stock map. When I try to play, however, I have the following problems: 1) When I insert any kind of base to a Cardassian map hex, the game fails to load- the progress bar halts and I can't get to the game screen. 2) When I play without any bases, I get a confusing message when I attempt to engage Cardassian ships- "Defender has already died". When I go to attack a planet, there are no defense platforms or defending ships.

I've added other ships successfully (to the Romulans mainly) so I'm fairly certain the files are correct...can anyone shed some light on this?