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5th September 2006

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#1 10 years ago

Thanks to the marvelous talents of the SFC community I hope to have my first mod up pretty soon (few weeks I hope). It will be a simple mod, but one I think some will enjoy. Nothing too fancy, however, it will enhance the game play for the out of the box campaign mod. The time line will be set about five years after the end of the Dominion War, Admiral Arai has succeeded in the destruction of Unity Base and the new alliance between the Federation and Klingon Empire has collapsed due to covert operatives fueling suspicions on both sides. With the Romulan Senate elimination thanks to Shinzon, a more powerful Tal Shiar under the guise of Viceroy Arai and the new Praetor has taken control of the empire. With the discovery of the secret Reman base fleets of Scimitar-class vessels threaten to dominate the Alpha quadrant. Meanwhile the Borg rebuild and invasion is only a matter of time...:lookaround: