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3rd July 2006

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#221 11 years ago

This is more of an answer than a question

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This is a moderately on-target representation of the Luna-Class cruiser from the Titan novels... its not 'completely' in line with the designs - the engines aren't the Akira-type as seen in the novels and the secondary hull is a bit too big but its right on target otherwise. The problem is that there's no BRK model but *shrug* better than nothing for those who wanted the Luna

Personally I'd like a new model (this one is nice but could be better) with a BRK model but this'n will work


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1st November 2009

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#222 10 years ago

The Terran Empire Ship, Conqurer, from ST: Of Gods and Men.

Image Links: Renegade Studios Forum -> Gallery - Page 17

If you need more looks, Episode 3 has a Huge Space Battle.


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#223 10 years ago

Basically, I want a ship that looks nice. Here is a TMP ship I'd like a command on.


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5th September 2006

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#224 8 years ago

Looking for someone to create a working file for the Vesta Class for use with SFC III. There is a really nice one for Legacy and Bridge Commander if anyone has the skills/program to do a conversion for SFC III. Would really appreciate it. Thanks.:cool:

EDIT: I have this file now, finally just did the conversions myself. My new mod due out next year for SFC III will feature the Vesta, Atolm (Vesta variant), Integrity and a few others previously not released for SFC III.