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#1 9 years ago

Hello all,

I modified the warp core power output to 1000. My question is if there is a mod or a way to hack the power management red limit bars for the primary, heavy and shield systems? Are these limits set in a particular text file that the game uses or it is compiled into the game's code?

The red bar is very close to the beginning now, since the warp core output is much higher. As a result, I have tons of left over available energy but no way to assign it to each system past the original setting of the red bar limits.



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#2 9 years ago

lower the warp core power to something more reasonable than 1000 no ship will ever need 1000 power the red and green bars are calculated based on how many weapons and shield systems your ship has on it each system uses a specific ammount of power (you can tell this when you refit your ship and the power usage goes up every time you add a weapon) and the green bar is the total combined power of all ships systems. The red bar is twice this ammount.