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#1 13 years ago

Ok, I read the Mod "Bible" which was actually one of the most helpful documents I have ever seen available for somthing like that, kudos to the author. However, there are a couple of questions that I still require answers to. First: I created a new weapon in the WeaponsItems.gf document, gave it it's own designation and specs and whatnot. I then went into strings.txt and added those weapons into the database and included a description, still, I go into the game and I do not see the modifications that I have made, I am wondering what I am doing wrong. The next question is may be considered "advanced modding" but I am sure someone knows the answer to this question . . . where is the bloody script that the weapons reffer to in order to know what their colors, models and textures are? I know that they have to be referenced in some file somewhere, and I am betting this might have somthing to do with my aforementioned problem. I am really getting into the modding, I am picking it up pretty rapidly and I am dying for a few key answers to questions that are currently keeping me in a holding pattern. I could start reading every file and string of code, but somthing tells me that would take a very, very very very long time. Some one please save me from that unpleasant fate. Nerdincognito


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27th January 2006

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#2 13 years ago

Sorry dude you can't put in more weapons in because it has somthing to do with the main progam and you need the sorce code witch no one knows Sorry! I tryed to do the same thing and it didn't work ever


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23rd January 2006

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#3 13 years ago

Weapons are hard coded directly into the game. Even if you had the source code, which will almost certainly never be released, you need the correct programming tools, and a good knowledge of C++. And, you would have to go through alll kinds of legal crap to get EXE changes released into the public domain, so the potential use of new weapons in a mod goes out the window. So, in short, we fans got the royal screw job in the weapons modding department. You'll have to stick to modding existing weapons.