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1st November 2003

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#1 16 years ago

Some of my missions don't work and I have no idea what to do. Here are the name of the missions: 1="Meta_Scan.scr" 2="Meta_DistressCall.scr" 3="Meta_Badlands.scr" 4="Meta_Hail_BaseDefense.scr" 5="Meta_Survey.scr" 6="Meta_Monster.scr" 7="Meta_Casino.scr" 8="Meta_Hail_ShipYard.scr" 9="Meta_Rescue.scr" 10="Meta_PlanetDefence.scr" 11="Meta_BaseDefence.scr" 12="Meta_Valiant.scr" 13="Meta_Investigations.scr" 14="Meta_Escort.scr" 15="Kar_DeepSpace.scr" 16="Kar_HomelandDefence.scr" 17="Kar_ConvoyEscort.scr" 18="Kar_HomelandDefence.scr"

What do I have to do? Missions like distresscall or scan don't show up very often. How can I change that? Can anyone help me?